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Our mission is to make fresh, healthy and home cooked food accessible for everyone in the world.

Dishme is the world's first online marketplace where everyone can get fresh, healthy and homemade food based on their taste & dietary requirements by cooks in the neighbourhood.

The Inspiration

In March 2015, our CEO Pushpinder found himself struggling with his health. The reasons his doctor gave were his busy work routine, the ready meals and take-away food he was having which were simply too cheesy, creamy and oily. Taking that as a wake up call, Pushpinder decided to do something and one day posted an advert on the community bulletin board. In a matter of days, he got multiple responses for fresh home cooked meals by passionate cooks living just down the block. After three months of wholesome meals, Pushpinder's health improved considerably and that's where the idea of launching a platform to help many others like him was born.

The Discovery!

Before making the product, Pushpinder wondered as to why he really fell sick. Was it unavailability of healthy food or the awareness to what healthy food was or the consumption of junk food? And there it was, the reason and the solution! It was because Pushpinder did not get the food that he wanted to eat, food he grew up eating, food just like his mum used to cook.

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Just like Pushpinder, we all are unique and we all need food that is personalised to our taste and dietary requirements. Unable to get that we end up eating the same generic industrial food made for everyone. With Dishme, you can order anything that suits your taste or diet and get it homemade fresh by a passionate cook living in the neighbourhood!

Our Beliefs

While eating local ensures trust and safety, it also means you are giving back to your community.
Meals made at home with love and fresh ingredients, especially for you, are bound to be healthy!
Possibly one of our most loved value propositions - eat what you want, when you want, where you want!

Our Core Team

Eri So

Founder & Director

Pushpinder Bagga

Founder & Director

Richard Fleming

Founder & Director

Simran Gambhir

Founder & Director

Matthew Tribe


Matthew Tribe


Pushpinder Bagga

Ex-CEO Dominos


Our Timeline

  • The Idea

    Pushpinder discovered the solution within a closed community group that helped him eat healthy everyday.

  • First Steps

    Pushpinder, Simran Gambhir and Sathya Narayan validated the initial concept with three home based cooks.

  • Inception

    Together with Eric So and Richard Fleming, Dishme was founded by a team of five in Sydney, Australia.

  • Product

    Insurance secured and products shared with selected home based cooks and customers for user experience feedback.

  • Private Trials

    Trials began in Sydney with selected home based cooks and customers ordering from the Inner City region.

  • Trials Completed

    We completed our trials in Sydney and we are building the next generation product to launch in May.

Just getting started!