Do you love cooking?

A world of opportunities awaits you! Now you can earn up to $1000 per week of extra income cooking from your kitchen.


Dishme for Cooks

If you can cook and are a fantastic home cook, amateur chef, stay at home parent, grandparent or a MasterChef enthusiast - a world of opportunities awaits you!

Work from Home

Work from the comfort of your kitchen and share your passion for cooking with the whole world.

Earn an Income

Cook when you want to, what you want to and get instant income doing what you love.

Stay Protected

When serving food through Dishme, you are fully covered by our premium insurance policy.

Set your Schedule

Flexibility is the key. Pick up orders you are comfortable with and that suit your lifestyle and work on your own schedule.


Dishme is a great community of passionate cooks from all across Sydney. Come along and get connected!

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How it Works?

Using Dishme is really simple as we've built an intuitive website for you to start your home cooking business right from your kitchen at anytime using any device.

Pick Up Orders

Flick through local orders and pick up the ones you want to cook. Offer meals from your homemade menu that match customer requirements and start the meal prep.

Deliver the Food

Once cooked, pack the meals in the provided Dishme packaging and delivery them to the local customers address.

Get Paid

Once the order is delivered, payments are released to your configured bank account within 48 hours minus our commission.

Isn't that easy?

Sign up today to be a part of the first elite group of home cooks in the marketplace.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions answered.

Who can be a cook?

Anyone who is passionate about cooking, have spare time and want to earn an extra income is welcome. Simply apply to cook and we will get in touch soon.

How do I get paid?

Payments are scheduled to be transferred securely to your account after 48 hours of delivering the order.

What does dishme provide?

Dishme provides the tools, training and support for you to start your own business, as well as public liability insurance, packaging, marketing and photography.

What about delivery?

All cooks are required to deliver their orders themselves so it is important that you only pick up orders that you can deliver. Having a motor vehicle is essential at this stage.

How much does it cost to use Dishme?

There are no fees to join and use Dishme. You are charged a percentage commission on every order you deliver.

Is there a lock-in contract?

No contracts. You will have flexibility to work when and as much as you want. Pick up orders you are comfortable with and that suit your lifestyle and work on your own schedule.

What do I cook?

Simple! Create your own homemade menu and offer meals listed in it to customers who are looking for meals in the neighbourhood.

How much do I get paid?

We pay you approximately $16/meal after commission to home cooks. You can cook any number of meals for any number of customers in a day.

Meet our Chefs!

Watch introduction videos of Chef Tetsuya, Chef Bimal and Chef Eline and learn how they are sharing their passion for cooking with the world.


Getting Started

Signing up on Dishme and earning an income is simple, we’ve made it quick and super easy!

Create your Profile

Simply register and create your profile with us. We will call you to chat about your suitability.

Attend a Session

Meet-up with our awesome community managers and learn how to be an efficient Dishme cook.

Fire Away

Fire up the oven, heat up the pans, put on your apron and start making money.

Cook what you want, when you want and sell to who you are 100% comfortable selling to.