How Melissa organised a Wednesday Pitch Night

Pitch Night

H2 Ventures is a early stage VC (venture capitalist) that brings together talented entrepreneurs, investors, and thought-leaders.

A regular event they have is to bring together their startups for a pitch night every Wednesday. This pitch night is for the community to get together, hear from a proven expert for practical knowledge, wisdom and perspective. Startups also pitch, hone these skills and give feedback to each other, so the pitch night is a continually rotating roster of presentations.

For the residents this is amazing, and practical education that’s needed at this stage when a lot is happening and they need to get these pitches right.

It’s great but that’s the thing! There is always a lot going on.

It’s a team thing

One of the best things about start-ups is how there is strong value placed on flexibility, unorthodox approaches and constant learning. The need to allow flexibility while encouraging cohesion and group learning means a massive challenge to cater for these events.

This comes with managing invitations, rsvp’s and successfully providing enough food, at the right quality for price and not be overly wasteful.

a fresh play

Melissa (the organiser) opted to try out our new product to simplify the process. On the Dishme platform she chose from cooks that cater in Sydney CBD, she easily selected a menu that looked good and would suit everyones needs. From there invites were sent out so residents could rsvp and view the menu.

Pitch invite dishme
(see the full invite here)

The rsvp’s came back, the menu was locked in and all Melissa had to do was liaise with the cook through the chat feature where the event would take place within the building. h2 pitch dishmeThe food arrived, and Melissa could focus on listening, learning, giving feedback and having fun because hey she’s earned it 🙂