11 excuses millennials use to eat together

Sometimes people think of parties or get togethers as just to be held around a special and momentous occasion, and while those occasions are great to celebrate, theres plenty of other excuses to get together. This list digs a little deeper, it includes those reasons that are occasions, reasons that do something for you, for someone else and all of the above.

Life events

dishme life events
Yes this one is obvious but deserves a mention none the less. Weddings, engagements, birthdays, baby showers and gender reveals, anniversaries and other milestones are typical reasons to get together but life events can also be major achievements like finally finishing a university degree, getting a promotion or starting your own business or celebrating a transition from a lifelong career into retirement and full-time position spoiling grandchildren.

Share Experiences

Ever been to somewhere really cool and what to share or even show off what you’ve experienced? Your’e planning to go somewhere new and want a little taster of your destination to warm up for it? Or maybe you’ve simply heard good things and want to share this experience with friends for a bit of fun. Entertaining at home means you can share the experience you want too, with who you want and how you want, keeping it simple or going all out.

See Loved Ones

Also an obvious one for why you might entertain and have a party, this is actually the most basic and core reason to throw a party, yet, in our busy lives we forget sometimes that we don’t see our loved ones enough or we do but as loved ones we know each other warts and all and maybe have plenty of time together but don’t make the quality time we should.

Connect Personally

It’s funny how we have different friends sometimes, we might have work mates and old friends or friends from a hobby or sports group, basically we have different contexts in which we are friends and some are more set in their nature than others that might naturally spill over to a different context and you may want to keep some locked in where they are! If for instance you do want to convert a work friend to a ‘real’ friend than just host a dinner party and entertain your way there!

Connect Friends

Now, depending on how you reacted to the idea of making work friends life friends it might be indicative of your reaction to this but have you ever thought of friends who don’t know each other, but should. Maybe professionally their right up each others alley or you’ve got an old friend who enjoys the same hobby as you and a new hobby based friend why not join forces instead of juggling meet-ups. It’s a really easy and fun way to connect the different circles in your life while also including significant others.


Ever had someone really go out of their way to help you and they really didn’t have too. Maybe a neighbour made that overseas trip possible by offering to pet-sit or for families that have kids in sport, has another parent put in a whole season of lifts because they knew you couldn’t, that meant little Jimmy could play ball with his friends. Or maybe it’s a friend from work that makes it bearable, anyone that you want to let know they are appreciated, entertaining over a casual dinner party can’t be beat it really says thanks in a genuine way and let’s you get to know each other better.

Game Night

This one might be controversial if you have a regular social group and monopoly has been played before which means you’ve already figured out that you can’t win and keep your friends for the night. While for some competitive people that sounds like a challenge and a good night, for others they might be better suited to a more relaxed scrabble or a cheekier option of cards against humanity. Whatever the group there’s a game to match and this could be the standard card and board games or it could be much more creative. At university for instance a popular game, according to a friend, is drink driving on Mario kart – basically players must finish a drink each lap before they are allowed to finish the race, trust our friend, it’s fun.


Often the reason why we spend time with the people we do is we share the same values and beliefs. If that’s the case for you or you want to share your values with others to create a dialogue and learn from each other, a belief or cause based occasion is a great reason to plan a get together. This can be taking part in existing large events such as earth hour the global conservation movement or completely independent of other groups and simply something you believe in, a charitable cause or a challenge that affects someone special to you.


Weekends should be a reason to get together in their own right, and depending on your work schedule maybe weekdays are too if that’s ‘your weekend’. The time we have off work is often allocated to getting rest that we feel we needed through the week and again depending on your work situation that might be fair enough but ideally we get enough rest in our working week to enjoy our time off, making that time more enjoyable makes the next week that little bit easier.


Talking about making a week easier there is nothing better than something to look forward too! Setting a tradition doesn’t always come easy, at first you might have to make a few attempts at your get together to land on a regular dinner or lunch set-up that works for everyone and you can do so sustainably (time, money & effort) but once you do it takes the effort out of staying connected with loved ones, gives you something to look forward too and a level of routine everyone can benefit from.

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