Entertain like Anny!

Ladies of leisure

Anny (a Sydney based Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger, check out her Instagram feed Annythink_Annywhere) and her friends were due for a catch up but they’re spread out across Sydney and prefer meeting up at one another’s places so they can kick back and really unwind in a comfortable environment with good friends and food.

Sometimes they go out but it can be trickier to put plans into action and do so for a price that works for everyone, so entertaining at home works best but now the foods on Anny!

This time, Anny wanted to put on something special for her friends but didn’t want to cook.

Anny’s answer

Friends arrive and the catch up begins and they are greeted with wine and delicious hand-made flat bread’s with flavour infusion dipping pot’s. Yum!

dishme annies table
After a while of getting comfortable the consumption of the nibbles has slowed down and consumption of wine has picked up, a sure indicator of a good time. Getting up for the first time since her friends arrived Anny only needs to go into host mode for a brief moment to take some dishes ‘she prepared earlier’ out of the oven where she was keeping them warm and serve up.

dishme annie catch up

The table setting is immaculate with personal touches, Anny’s taken the time to organise and lay it out beautifully, the compliments roll in for how good everything looks, the food looks and smells so delicious.

dishme easy authentic catering

Anny dished up authentic food made thoughtfully with love, the kind of food she might have almost been able to convince her guests she cooked herself (no judgement here).

Everyone is relaxed, having a laugh and enjoying a great food experience there’s only one thing miss… wait, there was cheesecake as well.

Maybe perfect catch-ups do exist!

how did anny do it?

Anny wanted to entertain and do something special for her friends but she needed to relax herself and thought outside the box, she used Dishme to find a cook available in her area.

After choosing AJ’s menu, she selected the dishes, set the number of guests and used the chat function to talk to AJ about some dietary requirements.

If Anny wanted to entertain a bigger group and split the bill Dishme can help by creating invites to send out to guests and get individual payments with RSVP’s. But Anny wanted to treat her friends, so she paid for everything then simply sent an invite to her friends and made everything look beautiful and greeted AJ when she arrived with the food.

Keep catching up casual, be like Anny!