Saucy Sicily or Delhi Delights?

We’ve recently launched experiences and we wanted to share this news with you first. We know there’s always somewhere you want to travel and that’s fine, travel really is the best, it’s exploring new places, people, ideas. It’s making memories and learning new things, it’s really just one big bite of DIFFERENT and that’s something a lot of people are looking for right now. Difference in clothes, food, music, movies and so much more.

And there’s so many places we’d like to go. From larger than life destinations like the big apple that is on everyone’s bucket list to the tiny, hidden spots off the beaten track only liaising with a local can get you too.

Most of us simply don’t have the time or money right now to spend on whisking ourselves away to these far away and fantastic places but that doesn’t stop us dreaming.

New York

dishme food experiences delivered newyork
Imagine you’ve just grabbed a bite after strolling through central park, a hot dog or a burger, you let the day slide by while you listen in on some buskers and watch the people and the pigeons come and go.


dishme food experiences delivered delhi
Hear the bustling sounds of Delhi’s streets slightly soften as the heavy traffic sounds morph into clinks and clangs of a local spice market while you sip on a tasty chai, the focus turns to the vibrant colours of the intricately laid out goods and you imagine all the delicacies that could be created from right here.


dishme food experience delivered italy
Smell the aromas of softly simmering tomato sauces while roaming cobblestone streets lined with terracotta tiled roofs, you can feel the history in every uneven brick and then step away down a narrow lane to find the authentic Italian eatery producing the scent that brought you there.

It’s all about the experience

Let’s step back to reality, we hope that just for a moment you visited those places through memory or imagination because for most of us we can’t visit these and many more places as much as we would like to (which to be fair is a lot). But not all of us are lucky enough to travel regularly or even to have travelled at all, it is a luxury after all and as suggested before while travel is great in so many ways it’s real appeal is different experiences, things you normally can’t see, smell, hear, touch or taste at home.

Which is why we now offer themed menu’s for authentic food experiences delivered at home.

We realised that what people really want is as many new or different experiences as possible. A lot of people when asked about the best food they’ve ever had say it was on a trip overseas in some unexpected situation where those behind the food live and breathe this dish, it is their livelihood, it is made proudly and it is amazing.

You can browse experiences, when you find one you like then simply book your food experience, pay online or invite friends and get them to split bill and have the food delivered by the cook.

Let’s Start exploring the experiences.