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Free buffet for mum, and a plan for you!

If you’ve ever asked for “any tips” at the Melbourne cup you’ve probably heard this one “be good to your mother“, and I haven’t got a better tip since. Except maybe this one for how to plan a lunch or a dinner where mum eats free and we can’t think of anyone as deserving as our dear old mum’s.

It’s easy to forget how much these amazing ladies do for us so selflessly, often we don’t show enough how much we love and appreciate them. And it’s not just your mum, consider the word mum as grandma, aunty, friend or whatever your relationship is. So here’s how you get mum eating for free and the plan to spoil her like never before, with links and listed out as an itinerary because… it’s the planning that makes it perfect.

Wake Up – Breakfast in Bed

breakfast in bed
Tried and tested technique, breakfast in bed is a real winner, from pancakes with all the extras to a classic cuppa, and “it’s the thought that counts” couldn’t be truer. Mum will love that you thought ahead and planned ahead to whip up something first thing just for her. If your signature dish is vegemite on toast then your mum knows that already and will appreciate whatever you cook up! No clue what to cook? Check out these easy recipes for ideas.

Step out of bed – a special message

Modern marvels and a bit of planning can really make mums day with a surprise pre-recorded message from the kids, you can do a simple happy mothers day or go all out like with questions and answers like this. Hey! If you are too shy to record a message or get it done otherwise, it’s okay! Get her a greeting card instead.

Brunch time – Do something fun

brunch for mothers day
Studies show the phrase Mothers Day is followed by the word brunch at least 60% of the time, every time. So we know you know about brunch but for fun stuff check out shows, classes and more you can find some of what’s on mothers day here and including some brunches of course!

Post brunch – Pamper

Next on the agenda is some good old fashioned rest and relaxation, plan a pamper session, whether it’s getting their hair done, massages, facials, manicures, pedicures get it all here just find your local store first. Alternatively some mums read relaxation as cocktails but that’s none of our business (check out these spots) and more power to them, it’s all about leaving them feeling refreshed and happy.

Midday – Shop til’ you drop

They will need to be refreshed and happy so they can go on a shopping spree, get some vouchers for stores she knows and loves, if you don’t know just get a shopping centre voucher instead. For some mum’s (maybe nanna) they aren’t as young or mobile as they used to be and a shopping trip can take it’s toll. The vouchers are a big plus and they can go back and use them later on, if unfortunately they actually aren’t mobile enough, technology can save the day again. Pick out some online stores you like for her that shows great pictures and do it from home!

Arvo – High tea

high tea
Relax again and refuel with some high teas, there’s heaps of great places to do this but be quick and book it in. This can be fun and can be a way of including certain people special to you.

Wind it down – With dinner

After you’ve given a thoughtful day, it’s time to think about concluding it with a nice evening. If you’ve followed any variation of our plan and did some planning before the day not to mention juggling your own busy life, your probably not keen on cooking and obviously mum can’t cook tonight. You need something affordable after all that shopping but it’s still mothers day so you don’t want take-aways or a frozen dinner.
dishme buffets
Share delicious buffet style dishes with your mum and the core team (immediate family or whoever is going to be there from start to finish) find and book a menu on Dishme to get authentic, home cooked food delivered to your door. Start here to explore the buffet menus available near you, lunches and dinner’s available and the best bit…

mum eats free

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