The best gift these holidays? Let’s un-wrap it!

We’re usually more than ready when the holidays come around to take some time off. It’s a time that’s full of fun, which often means a full calendar and a full on period of laughter and love, food and more food.

Now that sounded pretty good right? And it sure is. The real issue is leaving the holiday period just as ready for another holiday as when they started.

The best gift you can give is to yourself, by taking care of yourself and making a plan to continue to do so. And when you’ve done that you’ll be in a better position to take care of others too.

Here’s some simple tips (and we mean simple because simple is what works) on how to enjoy your time and finish the silly season refreshed.

Eat it up

Eat whatever you want, that’s pretty much it. Eat plenty of food, eat those indulgent foods all you want and do it guilt free. You’ve earned it. Don’t half enjoy things because of worry – you just can’t do it forever but you knew that anyway.

Enjoy downtime & Treat yourself

Here’s another one we all know but just don’t always do for some reason. Prioritise some time to just chill out. Read, meditate, exercise, everyone has their own way of relaxing and finding some peace. Finding quiet it can be hard with a full house on christmas but make you get that down time one way or another!

Even of you’ve got a full house there’s benefits to hosting so get the right mindset and see the positives.

Outsource everything you can get away with

Pictured: Polenta chips with gorgonzola – from Melissa’s Tuscan Entrata Menu.

You’re probably going to be doing some hosting these holidays, that means a lot of cooking and cleaning. There is no shame in paying a cleaner to come over, getting the lawn mowed and you don’t need to try to be a Masterchef everyday. And if your the one hosting the family, sharing costs between everyone makes them pale in comparison to the extra time & energy saved.

If it’s the cooking we’ve got you covered.

Go old-school

By that we mean just forget about technology. At least keep it to a minimum, use some common sense and don’t ignore the people around you for it! For example mindlessly spending 2.5 hours straight scrolling through social media whenever you’ve eaten too much, bad. Finding something to stream off Netflix that everyone can enjoy, perfect! (Even if half of you end up napping).

Start right

Eating whatever you want, relaxing, maybe enjoying a few cold beverages that’s a typical holiday lifestyle. However that isn’t sustainable so you do want to keep some level of routine.

The best way is to keep a morning routine. Get yourself ready for the day; even if it’s a day of very very little activity – all the more reason. For some that means starting with some simple comforts and calming thoughts maybe some reflection. And for just as many that’s starting the day with some quick and simple activities that get the blood pumping and the brain working!

There’s heaps of ways to do this and keep doing it – here’s 23 of them!

Re-wire for the new year

Most of us would have been in a routine leading up to the holidays. Then we break it up in the holidays and then we go back.. and that’s our chance. If you want to really understand this idea – read this article about this weird part of our brain called the basil ganglia.

But this is simple too, basically our brain get’s used to things and that guides our behaviour through cues and rewards. Get in the habit of exercising, then you feel good, soon your brain automatically tells you it’s good for you and keep doing it, which makes life a whole lot easier! Use the break up of your old routine to set a new and improved one.

To summarise; eat, enjoy, take it easy. Just remember to take some simple steps to starting a new routine that you’re less likely to need a holiday from!