Why host the next get together at your place

Getting together with friends and family is what many of us are looking forward to in our day-day lives but often we go out which is expensive, difficult and not really worth the money and effort if it wasn’t for the good company and experience we get.

We’ve realised hosting get togethers, whatever the occasion, are better at home for everyone. Here’s why!

You decide the drinks list & menu

It’s up to you if plan a BYO set-up or pick a few bottles or a case of beer, whether you want to keep it casual and not break the bank or really show off you something about growing grapes, you decide but this way you get whatever you pay for, NOT extra charges for corkage on a twist top.

And the same goes with food you could do it yourself, BYO share dishes or pick something that works for you and your guests.

Set the music, lighting and theme

You don’t need to have to do the works and set a whole theme and match all the music, lighting, decor and tableware. Or you can if you want too, guests love the excitement of something different and people can tell when you’ve put effort into something, it’s a sure way to actually have a fun night, but again the point is at the end of the day it’s your place, so do it your way.

Hear the conversation

Well the right conversation that is, ever been eating out and hear a loud, out-there conversation maybe about bit-coin or worse with painfully audible details that make you want to never leave the house anyways, you can avoid that by staying at home, well hopefully but hey they’re your guests!

Be comfortable

You decide the dress code, no public toilets, no queues, no worries.

More for less

Save on the food, drinks and extra charges. Forget baby/pet-sitters, excessive transport and parking fees.

Home ground advantage

dishme home advantages
So the above list covers why entertaining at home works best for everyone across the board, but we said ‘why YOU should host‘. Here’s some cheeky extra benefits for you as the host.


You want them? Enjoy them without stress! You’ve already reached your destination, your’e hopefully inviting those you are comfortable enough with to let your hair down around, have a laugh and even bust a few moves, if that sounds like you or a maybe you have a particular friend that knows where to find your spare bed and you love to be bad influence on.

call full time

Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing and dinners and events can drag on a little, maybe your just too tired from the week, not a worry, pick when to wind down the night based on how your feeling or set a time to end before the event so there’s no confusion with your guests.

Cooking lvl: snags?

Food can be a big challenge, but you don’t have to cook if you don’t want to, or let’s be honest just can’t. We’ve begun creating experiences you can find and book here in Sydney, and there is more on the way. Start exploring now!