Getting started

A simple recipe for a great profile picture

Face it – people want to see who’s cooking for them or perhaps even a logo to communicate ‘this is what i do’. We know your great cooks and great people and other people want to see that – being transparent will help build trust and help you get customers.

We’ll relate it to cooking as we know that’s what your good at!

1 – Prepare your ‘ingredients’ for a great photo

~A good camera

High quality cameras take amazing photos and it’s easier than ever before, because now smart phones cameras are high quality. If you don’t have a great professional camera on hand ready to go, no need. Use your smart phone or a friend’s or family members to take a fresh up to date picture!

~The best you

It can be daunting to put yourself out there, we get it. But doing things that feel hard are rewarding and creating something you can take ownership of is awesome. You can do it!

Now allocate plenty of time so you don’t need to rush. Think about how you would like to present yourself and get what you’ll wear and any ‘props’ ready. This might be in commercial cooking clothing to show this is your craft. Or it could be a picture with some fresh ingredients that you love to cook with. You can get even more creative and wacky. Have fun with it!

These are the ‘methods’


First find a spot to take the picture – think about what’s around you and make sure there’s no mess in the background, this doesn’t have to be anywhere in particular wherever works for you!


If you can use extra lighting that can make for an amazing photo but you don’t need all that. Just make sure there is plenty of natural light so it’s nice and bright and it works best if you are facing where the light is coming from.


Then take the picture from the right distance and angle – so your photo is clear (hint – selfies can work). This can be easier when someone is there to work with you and easily play around with the angle and distance that works but if you are doing it alone timer functions on your iPhone or android can help.

Learn ‘the dish’

~do a test run

When you cook for people usually you have learnt the recipe and cook it for yourself and those closest to you first as a test run and you might not quite get something right but after a few goes you’ll perfect it. The same applies here, test it out and if it doesn’t work out you can practice it a little see what did and didn’t work. Then fix each aspect that didn’t work until you get it just right.

~learn from others

If you are still not happy with the results your getting you can seek out some help! Our support team is always ready to assist in anyway we can so don’t hesitate to ask support@dishme.com.au there’s always plenty of ‘how to’ videos out there in places like youtube. We found one that is great because you can pick up some clever tricks if you don’t have an tripod, it’s genius really.

Serve it up with a smile

Be sure to smile! This shows people you are approachable and friendly. Make sure the photo isn’t blurry and your looking at the camera and that’s it – your ready to ‘plate it up’.

Don’t forget to have fun with it!

Psst! Check out some menus and their great profile pictures to get an idea! Heres’s Fiona’s, Elaine’s and Putu’s.