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Feel as if your exploring the vibrant colours, sights and bustling sounds of Delhi. Immerse yourself in the taste of authentic Indian dishes slow cooked to perfection by Kanika with authentic spices and flavours you would find at the streets in north India.

For the full experience enjoy escaping the hustle and bustle and be swept away by the flare and excitement of the Bollywood region.

What you'll get

Here are the special dishes Kanika will to cook and deliver for this experience.

About Kanika

By Kanika Khanna

I recently moved to Sydney from Shanghai after successfully setting up Kanika’s Kitchen. My venture was an outcome of my passion to share some of the beautiful and diverse flavours of Indian, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines by offering home cooked exotic daily menus and monthly cooking classes to expatriates living in Shanghai. I am no stranger to this place where I have worked for 2 years as an assistant chef at a popular Mediterranean eatery. With over 6 years of total experience as a chef, including 18 months at an iconic 5 star hotel in India, I am very excited to roll up my sleeves again and look forward to offering some delightful food that brings together the best of diverse India with a special twist that makes it healthy and delicious.

Where is it available?

Free delivery available for suburbs in 15kms of Melrose Park, NSW 2114.

What you'll need

Move the tables and the chairs people and get on your dancing shoes. The best way to enjoy this experience is with some Bollywood music and your drinks of choice, start with some chai to complete the experience.

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Ruhi Malhotra

5 Months Ago

Absolutely loved the shammi kebabs, they were the best I have had so far in Australia. My friends could not stop saying how juicy and tasty the fish curry was - really really delicious. Lovely food, see you next time!

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Say lunch or dinner parties, catering at work, birthdays or any special event.

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Price is based on your location, number of dishes and the number of people. You'll get actual price in the next step.