Allison Van Dijk

About Allison

I first started cooking around 7 years ago when I worked overseas as an au pair in Tuscany and Amsterdam. During this time I befriended many wonderful home cooks from around the world and also was tasked with cooking meals regularly for one of my au pair families, and so began my passion for food. Since that time I have become quite the home cook - my husband and I enjoy leafing through new cookbooks and trying our hand at different recipes. My specialties are comfort foods (soups, one pot dishes, casserole-style dishes), as well as salads and mediterranean dishes. I like to keep it simple - I cook classic dishes with fresh, high quality ingredients that naturally compliment each other to ensure maximum flavour without relying on too much else - I don't try to reinvent the wheel. I suffer from IBS and have food sensitivities (Gluten and Soy) so I have an arsenal of dishes that are naturally gluten and soy free that I can cook for people with similar dietary restrictions.

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Allison is available for deliveries every Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday for Lunch to most suburbs within 15kms of Croydon, NSW 2132.