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We use ipomegranate seeds in some meat dishes adds a sweet, sour note and reflects the Middle Eastern influence on the food.Some key dishes are slow cooked, such as the famous haleem, a mix of pulses, meat and spices that is cooked for up to seven or eight hours. Pakistanis refer to it as 'haleem, king of curry'. It's a thick stew, usually served with the fresh tastes of lemon, coriander and ginger. Lamb is the most popular meat, followed by beef, chicken and goat. Ghee and yoghurt are used in the cooking of many types of meat.Other popular breads include chapati and parata – fried bread stuffed with dhal or meat and vegetable . The rice in Pakistan is regarded amongst the best in the world with long grain basmati rice especially prized and used in the classic biryani, a spectacular combination of spiced rice that is usually cooked with meat but can also be vegetarian.Sweets are abundant, using generous amounts of ghee, sugar and nuts such as pistachios and almonds. Halva (meaning sweet) is one of the most popular sweets and can be made with flour or semolina but can also be made with carrot or pumpkin. Many sweets are also infused with fragrant essences like rosewater.

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Komal is available for deliveries every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday for Lunch to most suburbs within 15kms of Birchs Bay, TAS 7162.