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Hi. I'm a mother of triplet boys 4 y/o... do I need to say anything more ? :) Cooking to me is creativity and a release from stress. Because of the boys, my mom is staying with us to help. She's a great home cook, and I'm still learning from her. I add my touches depending on the mood. Our kitchen is Egyptian with some Australian influence, or vice versa :) You can expect a shepherd's pie with some of my creative input, or a macaroni bachamel dish with an Australian twist. Our (mom and I) method of cooking is simple and tasty, and not so heavy on the tummy. Expect a meal of home-made Falafel with tehini and Egyptian green salad, a pot of Molokheya soup with fried chicken and white rice, Kishary, a bake of rice fish, zucchini stuffed with mince and covered with creamy bachamel sauce, and schnitzel with nut rice and salad, among many other dishes. I love to finish with some creative cake or Egyptian cookies.

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Manal is available for deliveries every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday for to most suburbs within 15kms of Kensington, NSW 2033.