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My name is Meena. I am from Nepal, been living in Sydney for the past 17 years. I am MBA graduate from Wollongong University and currently working in the corporate job. My passion for food story comes from my mother, a housewife who is not only a great cook but also a great host. What intrigued to me most about her is her wholesome attitude towards the food and using this a driver to bring and bind the whole family together at the dinner table. Being grown up in the traditional culture and also me being a girl, my mother trained me in every aspect of household chores like washing, cooking, cleaning and so on as a part of the expected social norms that will define the girl, her character and her suitability once she gets married. In the beginning, I just did not like the idea of doing these things to follow the rules made by the society for girls that I was a part of it. Then slowly, I felt that in fact, this is a right platform or only way to create a ripple of change and turn these skill sets into something bigger and better one day. That’s how I started taking interest in the cooking and most of my learning inspiration comes from observing my mother on a daily basis. It would be impossible to single out even one dish as my most favorite because of so much love and effort which she carried it through. Today cooking is my passion and something I feel happy doing it the most. I hope to turn my passion into a full-fledged career. Here I am keen to cook -Momo, Nepalese Dumpling (Chicken & Pork)with Nepalese style Tomato Sauce.

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Meena is available for deliveries every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday for Lunch, Dinner to most suburbs within 15kms of Marsden Park, NSW 2765.

Nepalese Momo with spicy potato sal...

Starts $16 per person