Hellas Kitchen

Starts $28 per person


Menu Speciality

Hellas is the historical name for Greece, meaning 'the land of the greeks'. Greek cuisine is known for it's amazing roasted meats and use of seasonal ingredients. AJ's menu boasts flavour infusion pots, pita breads and of course melt in your mouth slow-cooked meats, she is almost as proud of this menu as Greece is of democracy!

What you'll get

The special dishes that Aj, the cook will prepare fresh and deliver to you.

Allergy Information

The cook has indicated that the menu items contain dairy, nuts.

Aj Dalton View Profile

When Matt from Masterchef asked 3 times for my curry recipe I knew I was onto something I’m AJ, a food professional who loves the freshest & best produce treated with respect.

Free Delivery

Free delivery available for suburbs in 15kms of Dulwich Hill, NSW 2203 and minimum 10 people.

What else is included?

The cook will also deliver Cutlery, Napkins with the food.

4 reviews


posted 8 Months Ago

Absolutely amazing!! So tasty, great service and portion size and amazing communication. We loved the food and AJ and highly recommend

Jess Bentley

posted 11 Months Ago

Just superb, everyone loved the food and I am so glad you were on time and thanks for the clean way in which you packaged the food and delivered it. Superb work!

Kate Lawrence

posted 11 Months Ago

Thank you AJ, the meals were fantastic I did not know this service existed and beats take away & Uber eats any day! I will be making another order soon.

Ben Walker

posted 10 Months Ago

Easier than going out to find these types of themed food experiences and cheaper too.

Free Cancellation

You don't need a credit card to place a request and when you request, there is not obligation to pay. If you pay, you can cancel anytime before 48 hours of the delivery time for 100% refunds.

What's it suitable for?

Say weekend parties, get together with friends, catering at work, birthdays or any special event that needs great food.

What's the price for this?

Price is based on your location and the number of people you order for. You'll get actual price in the next step.