Tahu Isi (deep-fried Stuffed Veggies Tofu)

Starts $12 per person

Menu Speciality

Healthy, simple, delicious mixtures of vegetables chopped finely, cooked and seasoned well.
The veggies mixtures then wrapped and stuffed into tofus and deep fried with a beer battered flour.
Excellent for tea and coffee time, breakfast, afternoon snacks or lunch/dinner.

What you'll get

The special dishes that Caroline, the cook will prepare fresh and deliver to you.

Allergy Information

The cook has indicated that the menu items contain eggs, dairy, fish, nuts, peanuts, soy.

Caroline Mozass View Profile

My mom is a prominent restaurateur, caterer, cook and chef for more than 35 years in F&B business. She owns a well known catering company, restaurant and often cooked for many events, parties, daily meals. Asian foods, especially Indonesian and Chinese foods are her specialties. She has been cooking for more than half a century as cooking and baking has always been her hobby since she was a kid.

Free Delivery

Free delivery available for suburbs in 15kms of Mascot, NSW 2020 and minimum 10 people.

What else is included?

The cook will also deliver Carry Bags, Condiments, Containers, Cutlery, Napkins with the food.

Free Cancellation

You don't need a credit card to place a request and when you request, there is not obligation to pay. If you pay, you can cancel anytime before 48 hours of the delivery time for 100% refunds.

What's it suitable for?

Say weekend parties, get together with friends, catering at work, birthdays or any special event that needs great food.

What's the price for this?

Price is based on your location and the number of people you order for. You'll get actual price in the next step.