Just a few questions we thought would help you to understand our services better.

FAQ for Customers
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How do I get paid?

Payments are transferred securely to your configured bank account after 72 hours of delivering the order.

What does Dishme provide for the cooks?

Dishme provides the tools, training and support that you need to start your own business. We also provide public liability insurance, discounted packaging, online payments, marketing, photography and free membership to our partners for sourcing high quality local produce.

Where is Dishme available?

At this point in time, Dishme is only available in selected suburbs of Sydney region.

How much does it cost to use Dishme?

There are no fees to join and use Dishme. We charge a percentage commission on every order you deliver.

Where do I get packaging?

We provide discounted premium packaging through our partners. Using Dishme packaging is mandatory for all orders and you can buy it online and get it delivered to you. Please note that we do not earn any commission on packaging and this is purely a service just for your convenience.

What about taxes?

You are responsible for paying any relevant taxes from your proceeds. You should contact a tax professional to help determine your tax liability. Don't worry, millions of people using platforms like AirBnb, Uber and Airtasker fill in their taxes themselves, you're not alone.

What's in it for Dishme?

In order to give you continued support and FREE food handling and safety certification, Dishme apron, discounted premium bio-degradable packaging, public liability insurance, photography, online payments, customer service and marketing, we take 20% commission on every transaction.

How are complaints handled?

Complaints can be made using the website or by contacting us at and we will contact you to resolve issue.

My question is not here, who should I contact?

Please feel free to contact us at if there are any questions we can help answer.