Bimalendra - Home Cooked Meals Delivered Belmore

Bimalendra - Home Cooked Meals Delivered Belmore Bimalendra - Home Cooked Meals Delivered Belmore
Bimalendra Kumar Bimalendra Kumar Belmore
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A professional chef, food artist and food entrepreneur having travelled and cooked for millions of people across the world.

Home Cooked Meals

Curried peas & potato
Another Indian vegetarian offering served with soft flat breads
Rice & Lentil with turmeric chilli veggies
An Indian comfort food
Garlic thyme chicken
garlic thyme chicken with quinoa mash and orange wine dressed greens
Pan seared salmon
Pan seared salmon
herbed salmon pan seared with wilted spinach with mint
Pulled pork
An Aussie favourite done Indian way have it the way you like. Pair it with soft roots or go with cumin tempered rice or with salad n mash. Either way it remains star of the day.
Aloo Tikki-Corn pea potato rissoles
A twisted import from the streets of India a delectable entree to anytime meal. Simplicity of this dish makes it a great dish
Honey Lemon chicken with homemade roti or rice
Our variation on traditional butter chicken with a healthy twist where butter and cream has been replaced with honey and a squeeze of fresh lime. With this dish you will open your mouth just to eat not to speak. Succulent chicken morsels are ready cast th
Masala Salmon with chutney spaghetti and salad
A creative take on two cuisines combined in one dish. Garlic herb marinated salmon with mint relish laced spaghetti with crunchy leafy salad... is sure to wow you


Ioana Cernivcean
Ioana Cernivcean
Thank you, great chicken dish and quinoa mash, well presented! Salmon itself was very good, flavoursome but not enough food overall, needed another side dish. Spinach was not wilted, had to cook it myself with olive oil and lemon
Nathalie Jones
Nathalie Jones
Ioana Cernivcean
Ioana Cernivcean
Fantastic dishes, perfect comfort food for a chilly night! Thank you Bimalendra for very flavoursome meals, full of spices, not oily at all and the very generous servings. We have some left over to take for lunch tomorrow. Wish we had taken pictures, but