Anita - Home Cooked Meals Delivered Westmead

Anita - Home Cooked Meals Delivered Westmead
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Hello, I'm Anitha, a passionate multi-cuisine cook, coming from a Indian heritage- the land of spices. Being an artist myself, I have always been creative and experimental with my cooking, be it traditional or modern food! For me, Cooking is a 'form of Art' and a 'Celebration of life', which brings people from diverse background together! So come join me in this food journey with us to celebrate food, which I'm sure will be a fantastic ride!! Happy eating :)

Home Cooked Meals

Veg Biryani with Onion raita
This biryani is a delicacy, prepared with vegetables, special spices, biryani masala in layers of fragrant basmati rice!
Lamb Dum Biryani with Onion raita
The biryani is prepared with meat marinated with spices and yogurt before cooking. The meat is sandwiched between layers of fragrant basmati rice, biryani masala and cooked on dum (steaming) towards the end, after sealing the vessel with dough!
Roasted Beef semi-gravy with Rice
Boneless beef roasted with secret spices, mixed in a authentic slow cooked semi gravy! Great to enjoy with rice, bread etc!
Egg korma with Rice and Salad
Egg korma is a rich Indian traditional curry prepared with Indian spices and fresh masala, nuts, coconut, cream, where hard boiled eggs are added towards the end! Great with rice, naan, bread etc!
Malabar Chicken biryani with Onion raita
This is a rice dish blended with Chicken, fragrant basmati rice and special biryani Spices. The recipe has originated from the Malabar region of South India!
White creamy pasta
Vegetables, pasta, herbs, white sauce!
Kadai chicken with jeera rice
Chicken curry with Indian spices and capsicum!
Egg Chow mein noodles
Asian wok fried noodles with veg/meat/egg, spicy/non-spicy!
gluten free veg pasta
gluten free ingredients with great Italian flavours tossed in pasta!
Vegan pasta
Vegan pasta and ingredients tossed with Italian flavours and herbs!
Red bean curry with jeera rice
Indian great vegan curry with red beans, herbs and spices!
Vegan pesto pasta
Vegan pasta and Italian ingredients tossed in pesto!
Vegan fried rice
Asian fried rice, vegan ingredients and veggies!
Mediterranean beef and egg salad
Cous cous/pasta, protein, veggies and herbs!
Asian style fish with veggies
Fish, veggies, Asian herbs and sauce
Thai chicken curry with rice
Thai ingredients veggies chicken rice
Grilled chicken with veg
veggies chicken herbs and spices
Thai chicken fried rice
Chicken Egg rice Thai ingredients veggies
Mediterrranean salad
veg Mediterranean herbs and spices
Veg and lentils curry with rice and salad
Lentils veg rice spices and herbs
Moroccan cous cous beef salad
Cous cous protein Moroccan herbs and seasoning
Egg fried rice
Egg rice herbs veg soy sauce ..
Pumpkin chickpea soup with bread
Chickpea pumpkin herbs and spices bread
Red bean curry with rice and salad
Red beans rice veg herbs and spices
Chicken mushroom creamy pasta
White sauce pasta veg chicken herbs
Red beans, veg, wrap, Mexican spices and herbs!
Stir fried lamb with veg
Lamb veg Asian herbs and spices
Fettuccine and roasted veg
Veg pasta herbs and spices
Veg spinach fettuccine
Green spinach pasta, veg, Italian herbs and spices


Reena Tory
Reena Tory
Food was tasty but curry was too spicy. I did mention I was breastfeeding and couldn’t have spicy food at the moment.
Sujit Shah
Sujit Shah
Thanks that was a great dish. All ingredients nicely balanced. Well packed and quality ingredients. Well Done!
Melissa Hurwitz
Melissa Hurwitz
Food was fresh and well presented with good flavours. Unfortunately it arrived cold.
Will Cannings
Will Cannings
Really really tasty and great serving size! Matched my request perfectly and fantastic presentation. Pasta was cooked just right and super tasty, and the curry was delicious and hearty with just the right amount of spice. Very impressed!
Pushpinder Bagga
Pushpinder Bagga
Food was again fantastic, more than 25 people enjoyed the meals and thanks for the timely delivery and great presentation.
Pushpinder Bagga
Pushpinder Bagga
Super food and presentation, potentially next time we should try less spicy - very mild options.
Pushpinder Bagga
Pushpinder Bagga
Just superb, everyone loved the food and I am so glad you did it. Thanks for being on time and thanks for the clean way in which you packaged the food and delivered it. Superb work!
Muhammad Abdullah
Muhammad Abdullah
Pasta was really good! Rice were a bit dry but overall good food.