Here are a lot of different real reasons to order fresh, healthy and home cooked food.

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Convenience and a feeling of happiness without the guilt.

I love that food is prepared from fresh ingredients, based on our cultural preferences and dietary requirements and delivered when we need the food. We would never order food that is factory manufactured, full of additives and frozen like Lite’n’Easy.

The choices are not limited by a fixed weekly menu. We love the variety and surprise element. The chefs sometimes propose dishes that are outright fancy for us and at the same time healthy as requested.

It reduces our stress levels on busy days and provides healthy food like we would cook on days when we have the luxury of time. Dishme nights just feel special.

Ioana Cernivcean, Concord

The best reason to order from Dishme is that it's so easy.

Before I knew about Dishme, I'd regularly order UberEats. Since beginning regular orders with Dishme, I've realised how impersonal those services can feel and how little control I have over what I'm eating.

Even though I'm time-poor, Dishme gives me peace of mind knowing that no matter how late I get home from work or how stressful the day was, I know exactly who has cooked my meal, it's been cooked with my personal taste in mind, the ingredients will be fresh, and the chef will bring it to my door at a time that suits me and I get a chance to thank him/her. Moreover, eating healthily is important to me and Dishme finds local chefs that understand that and consistently deliver quality, nutritious meals.

I love shopping for fresh ingredients and learning new recipes. But more importantly, two nights a week I want a break so that I can spend quality time with my family but not compromise on a good meal.

Dishme give me the freedom to enjoy that without feeling guilty.

Nathalie Jones, Petersham

Healthy, tasty food automatically delivered.

The number 1 differentiator is the convenience of having a variety of healthy cooked foods without having to think about it e.g takeaway / restaurant food delivery requires ordering each time & thinking about it when usually after a busy day at work you just want something tasty & healthy to eat without having to order & wait for it & feeling unhealthy eating it afterwards.

Christal P Ho, Paddington

More Reviews

One of the most beautiful looking and delicious meals I have had so far. Thanks for taking care of our requirements and making such a delicious vegan dinner for the whole family. A treat :)

4 days ago 5

Amazing, yummy and healthy Indian food. Highly recommended. I know where to order my favourite Indian food from now. Thank you Shikha :)

4 days ago 5

Curry needs a bit more spice/flavor and more sauce, it was a bit dry. Superb pork chops

3 days ago 4.5

It has to the be best fusion-Indian food I have had in Sydney. To mix quinoa with chickpeas is such a good idea and the salad was superb. I loved how it was not spicy and yet it was tasty. Really healthy meals for the whole family. Thanks to you!

8 days ago 5

Food was fresh and well presented with good flavours. Unfortunately it arrived cold.

23 days ago 4

Really really tasty and great serving size! Matched my request perfectly and fantastic presentation. Pasta was cooked just right and super tasty, and the curry was delicious and hearty with just the right amount of spice. Very impressed!

about 1 month ago 5

The best curry and lasagna I have had till date, loved the flowers you added and the vegan curry to be tasty like that - kudos!

about 1 month ago 5

Food was again fantastic, more than 25 people enjoyed the meals and thanks for the timely delivery and great presentation.

about 1 month ago 5

Thank you so much for the amazing food, the presentation, taste and the service was perfect. All the 25 who ate the meals loved them - thank you so much for coming and assembling the food at the premises and serving it warm.

about 1 month ago 5

Super food and presentation, potentially next time we should try less spicy - very mild options.

2 months ago 5

Just superb, everyone loved the food and I am so glad you did it. Thanks for being on time and thanks for the clean way in which you packaged the food and delivered it. Superb work!

2 months ago 5

Thanks a lot, the food was really really amazing. My wife would prefer mild food next time please :)

2 months ago 5

Thanks Simon, excellent quality, keep it up. An extra thanks for the customization and attention to detail.

3 months ago 5

Fantastic meal

3 months ago 5

Elaine is an entrepreneurial cook! The Grilled Chicken breast with truffle mash was something new for me and my day ended with an amazing new food experience. Thank you!

3 months ago 5

The corn fritters were a tiny bit oily (but that's my fault and I should have mentioned I like baked ones instead) but absolutely to kill for. Both my and my wife loved the meals - superbly delicious and masterchef class.

3 months ago 5

Pasta was really good! Rice were a bit dry but overall good food.

3 months ago 4

Very yummy food and generous portions. The pork cutlets were to die for and really appreciated the brown rice that came with the curry. The curry needed just a bit more sauce. Thank you, Simon!!!!!

3 months ago 5

Loved the chicken (cooked perfectly, not dry), good serving size and fresh taste! Thanks!

3 months ago 5

Fantastic dishes, perfect comfort food for a chilly night! Thank you Bimalendra for very flavoursome meals, full of spices, not oily at all and the very generous servings. We have some left over to take for lunch tomorrow. Wish we had taken pictures, but

5 months ago 5

What an incredible pleasure to have Tetsuya's food. I don't know how he packs so much flavour in his elegant meals. They are presented beautifully and taste amazing. Thank you for providing such a culinary delight in the comfort of my own home. I've been able to start walking again in the evenings as I don't have to worry about dinner :)

5 months ago 5